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Benefits of Baby Yoga

The Benefits

Baby yoga shares similar benefits to baby massage such as it can help with bonding, relaxation, relief from symptoms such as colic and can aid with your babies development. Baby yoga can also help strengthen your baby’s muscles, flexibility and is stimulating for your baby’s senses.

Why is stimulating your baby’s senses important?

We all know about our 5 senses; taste, touch, sound, smell, sight, but did you know about your 2 other senses, the sense of balance & movement (vestibular system) and the sense of body position (proprioceptive system).

Yoga stimulates these senses through massage, movement, touch, gentle stretches and songs.

The vestibular system controls the balance and movement in the body. Its role is to send messages to the brain to let it know whether the body is moving, staying still or in what direction it is going. This system receives this information from fluid filled canals in the inner ear, this structure responds to movement, change of direction, change of head position and gravity. The vestibular system co ordinates eye and head movements, such as when a baby looks at an object, the brain will register if the object is moving or the child’s head is moving.

By using yoga movements such as safely swinging, rocking and bouncing we can stimulate the vestibular system helping with balance and co ordination. It also aids in the development of speech and spatial awareness.

The proprioceptive system is the sense of body awareness; it is your body’s sense of awareness with relation to its surroundings. When a baby’s born they have no awareness they have arms or legs, by moving baby in to yoga positions we will be strengthening muscles and giving them more body awareness. Yoga helps to develop this system by strengthening it as the mind and body work together, through stretches, moving and discovering their abilities and the world around them.

Below is a short video explaining these senses…


What does a class involve?

We start each session with dry massage, dry massage is when you massage your baby over clothes, massaging over clothes still has the same benefits as massaging skin to skin, with this routine we include lots of lovely songs with each area you massage. Singing during classes helps develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and communication between parent and baby.

Each week you will learn lots of safe and gentle stretches for your baby, weeks 1 & 2 we focus on the legs and weeks 3 & 4 we add in arm stretches building on to what we have leant the previous week.

We also include lots of fun movement activities for you and baby, we have a fun lap song which we always get lots of giggles from, we practice safe floor stretches with your baby, floor stretches are when we place baby safely on your shines when you are on the floor and we gently see saw baby up and down.

We also practice our swings and dips, always making sure mummy feels comfortable and is in a safe position. You can see now how baby yoga is so stimulating for baby with lots of gentle stretches and movement activities full of lots of singing! Not keen on singing and worried about not knowing the words, not to worry, I will be singing loud enough for the whole class until you feel comfortable to join in.

Every baby is different and there is never any pressure on baby or mummy to complete a yoga posture, so follow your babies needs and trust your instinct what one baby loves another may not want to do at that current time.

We finish class with some relaxation for mummy, again please do not worry about having to keep baby quite at this time, babies all have needs at different times, so please feel free to feed and give cuddles to your baby throughout the class.