Little Adventurers

Developmental Play

A 5 week course for those Little Adventurers aged  14 months to 3 years. 

Play helps to build neuron connections in the brain, it is VITAL for a child to play and be playful to meet their full potential.

Each week your child will explore a range of different activities, that will be helping with their development all through play.

There are 3 core areas of benefits.

Physical skills - Gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Cognitive skills - Problem solving, interacting with different activities, helping to plan, organise, make a decision, emotions and learn form past experiences, including learning from mistakes.

Emotional & social skills - Through learning about self awareness, boundaries, team work, taking turns, waiting, sharing, winning and losing which in turn will regulate their senses.


Key Component's

There are 8 key performance component's


  • Postural Control, Stability and Orientation

  • Balance and Vestibular Processing

  • Body awareness and Proprioceptive Processing

  • Motor Planning and Coordination

  • Midline Crossing and Bilateral Integration

  • Eye/hand Coordination and Visual Perception

  • Fine Motor and Prewriting skills

  • Attention, Concentration and Executive Function


Through structured and instructed play your child will naturally explore all these key component's.

It is important to still have unstructured play, children learn so much from playing independently as well as having time with you during a structured activity.


In each session we will have a key component focus,

However during all the activities each of the 8 key components will be practised through play.


Play whether structured or unstructured is so important. Unstructured play gives your child time to be independent, discover at their own pace, boost confidence and creativity and work on problem solving skills.

Structured play is also important, they learn from the language you use, the guidance, the bonding time and above all having fun together through the power of play