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Little Explorers - On The Move

Soft Play, Heuristic Play, Messy Play & More

Little Explorers on the move is perfect for those little ones who are beginning their journey exploring their surroundings. Suitable for mobile babies, (crawlers, commando crawlers, bum shufflers) In this 5 week course your little one will freely explore soft play in a calm & nurturing environment, plus have the opportunity to investigate heuristic play.  On alternate weeks we will have singing, with parachute & bubbles, a very special craft activity and a messy play session. 


At this inquisitive age it is important to allow your little one to explore in a safe, non stimulating environment, giving the opportunities' to investigate at their own pace


Heuristic play gives your little one time to explore natural items such as, wooden & metal resources and different fabrics. Plastic mechanical toys definitely have their place, but as we know little ones explore a lot with their mouth, plastic items will all taste and feel the same. Having Heuristic play as a separate activity in part of your day, will give your little one a completely different sensory experience. 

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