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Are you unsure of how baby yoga can help your baby’s development and what it involves, well you have come to the right place. Baby yoga classes are baby led & baby focused and full of movement and singing.


By using beneficial stretching in the classes baby is able to strengthen their muscles and improve muscle tone while practicing yoga poses. Baby yoga promotes tummy time in a fun and enjoyable way for baby and parent, through movement, massage and singing.

By using baby yoga postures we can give you the tools you need to practice placing baby in safe positions helping to teach baby which muscles to use to keep their body balanced in a position. By stretching muscles through yoga and feeling pressure on their skin through massage, this will let babies build up awareness, flexibility and strength in their muscles.



Baby yoga is so stimulating for your baby, by using yoga movements such as safely swinging, rocking and bouncing we can stimulate the vestibular system helping with balance and co ordination. It also aids in the development of speech and spatial awareness.

So what is the vestibular system ( I talk about it a lot during class as it is so important)

Here comes the science bit, (please don’t zone out, promise its very interesting)

The vestibular system controls the balance and movement in the body. Its role is to send messages to the brain to let it know whether the body is moving, staying still or in what direction it is going. This system receives this information from fluid filled canals in the inner ear, this structure responds to movement, change of direction, change of head position and gravity. The vestibular system co ordinates eye and head movements, such as when a baby looks at an object, the brain will register if the object is moving or the child’s head is moving.

Told you it was a bit sciencie  (not sure that is even a word)



And lots of it, please do not worry if you do not know any nursery rhymes, that’s what I am here for, to take the pressure away from you, and although I am no Beyoncé I will do my best to sing loud for us all, until you get used to the songs. I provide handouts with all the words so you can have a little practice at home if you want to. Each move will have a benefit and we will link these all together with a song to make it fun for baby and you, which is sure to get lots of smiles and giggles. Singing during classes helps develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and communication between you and baby.

Your baby loves it when you sing to them, so let’s get those vocal cords warmed up!



Baby yoga is nothing to be afraid of, please do not worry that I will start getting you in to yoga positions and stretches as that is not what I am trained in, so I will be doing nothing of the sort. There are lots of amazing yoga teachers out there who I can point you in the right direction of, and although I do practice yoga as part of my self-care during the week I am not a yoga teacher (for adults)

So with those fears aside, here’s what you can expect during a class. I never expect a baby not to cry during class, so follow your baby’s needs. Babies are in charge of the class so if for any reason they are upset, we can all get up and practice some different soothing and calming holds.



The main focus of this class is baby, but mummy self care is very important to me, making sure you have had a few minutes during the day just for you. We start class just with a few minutes to breath and enjoy the moment, after probably running around before just to get to class. We always end class with a hot drink and a biscuit/cake (must start bringing fruit as well) to me this is such an important time for mummies to relax, have a hot drink and to chat with other mummies who are going through the same parenthood journey as you, offering support or a listening ear.


So I hope that has helped you know a bit more about baby yoga and how it is not only lots of fun but so good for your baby’s development.

I am always happy for you to join a class to see how it is, and I can promise that you will both love it and have lots of fun.

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