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Massage, Movement & Music

Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Singing, Crafts  & more

Massage, movement & music (MMM) is suitable from 12 weeks old to pre crawling this session includes massage, movement, music. We will recap baby massage each week, please don't worry if this is your first session with us, you will still learn all the fantastic benefits plus, baby yoga songs with movement and stretches, parachute & bubbles with songs and a craft activity each week. 


There are so many benefits to singing to your baby, did you know singing is the only activity that ignites the left and right side of the brain at the same time, sparking neural connections and aiding with brain development. 

  • A special bond is created between you both.

  • Babies start to learn rhythm.

  • Babies become familiar with new words.

  • Babies begin to learn their own name.

  • Helps develop listening skills.

  • Helps with brain development.

  • Singing is playful and fun.

  • Gets your baby moving.

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