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What drives me?    Why did I choose this path?    What motivates me?

When I had my daughter 8 years ago, I did not have a network of mummy friends to call, message or meet up with while on maternity leave. It took me a while to even start leaving the house as I got to grips with becoming a mummy for the first time. I wish I had known about local groups to go to, I did attend the children centre’s but I was so worried about her routine ( yes I was a mad woman worried about my little baby’s routine) I wish I had known that my tiny baby would not have a routine and to just trust my instinct, but I didn’t so along I went with revolving my life around her naps, which was not all bad as she was a happy and content little girl. I on the other hand did not attend many groups, and I had no idea about baby massage classes…..

So why did I choose to set up Serene Baby? Over these couple of years certain members of my family have been through major life changing illness and I also lost a good friend of mine very suddenly. It made me realise how short and precious life is. 2 years ago I was working in a job that made me so anxious I was getting ill, so I decided to research in to what I could do, that would be make me happy and help others, it just so happens I have combined my knowledge of working with children and being a massage therapist and I stumbled upon Blossom & Berry. I knew straight away after speaking with Gayle, my mentor, that this was the path for me.

What motivates and drives me, well probably the most obvious is my family, I love how my business fits around my family, I am able to drop and pick them up from school and spend the afternoons with them, my children also get the added benefit that I now have the tools to give them a massage as I wasn’t lucky enough to know this when they where tiny.

The parents I meet motivate me every day, I am so lucky that I get to meet such amazing mummies, and it makes me so happy  when I hear everyone chatting away in class with advice, giving support to each other from the lack of sleep, or needing advice about feeding/weaning, something I wish I had when I had my children. It’s great to know that I get to teach baby massage & baby yoga, skills that they will have forever and not just for when they are little babies but tools they can use for when they older. I am always on hand to have a chat, although my children are 8 & 5, I still remember them being babies like it was yesterday, so if I can help or support in anyway I am always here.

A big part of Serene Baby is reminding mummies about their well being and the importance of self care, which I know when being a mummy is hard to find time to do. When I talk about self care for yourself, this can range from going out in the evening, taking some time just to have a hot drink and read a magazine or book, or finding time to eat lunch or have a hair wash, these are all mummy wins to me!

What I wished I knew when I had my first…….

How important the 4th Trimester is, when I got home from the hospital on that first night and put my daughter in her Moses basket, I just couldn’t work out why she kept on crying, not knowing that she needed me, to be close to me having cuddles and having skin to skin.

To follow my instincts; don’t follow the rule book, each child is very different, so what works with one will not necessarily work for your next child, look into attending groups and classes to go to, I found with my 2nd baby  I struggled to leave the house (again). I found juggling a toddler & baby and trying to find a group that we could all attend together was a struggle. It became easier once my first started going to nursery.

I think these days there are so many options out there for groups to attend. My classes are small, relaxed, friendly and baby led, so a perfect time for you and baby to spend some time together while meeting other mummies.

This is what drives and motivates me every day and why I am so passionate about what I teach.

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