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Newborn Nurture


I remember what those first few weeks felt like with a newborn, even though it was quite a while ago.

I had no idea about the 4th Trimester, the importance of being kind to myself and how I should be nurturing my baby outside of the womb.

The first few weeks are so important for you, your body has been through a huge change with carrying your baby for 9 months and then giving birth either vaginally or via C-section. Whichever way you gave birth your body has been through a lot, don’t forget that. Please rest and nourish your body, call on friends and family if you can, to give you some support and help.

I was afraid to rock my baby, as I had been told ‘you will spoil the baby’ so when we bought her home on that first night, I popped her in her crib and wondered why she cried. When all she needed was comfort, reassurance and to be with me.

But now I know,

Back in 2018 I trained in newborn nurture massage, baby massage, baby yoga, sensory play and much more, I am now full of information, love, support and encouragement so I can help and empower you so you don’t have to go through what I went through or how I felt.

New born Nurture is a workshop suitable from 1 week to 8 weeks old.

We will talk about the 4th trimester and self-care. I will discuss the huge benefits of baby massage and baby yoga and the importance of skin to skin.

You will learn the gentle and soothing baby massage techniques and gentle yoga stretches suitable for newborns.

You will be able to connect with other mamas and their baby’s, relax and speak freely with no judgement.

I am here to support you throughout your motherhood journey.

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