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Online Baby Massage &

My  online baby massage and yoga course has been specially made for parents that can't commit to a set day and time each week. This course has been pre recorded in weekly instalments so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You will have full access to the 5 week course, so you can learn at the pace you want. This course is perfect if you live to far away to attend a in person class. 

The full 5 week baby massage and baby yoga course includes the full baby massage routine, full baby yoga stretches with songs. Mama stretches and self care tips. 


In the course you will learn;

  • The benefits of Baby Massage​

  • What oil to use and why

  • Contraindications- When to avoid massaging your baby

  • Different positions you can use when massaging

  • A new massage routine each week

  • Baby yoga leg stretches

  • Baby yoga arm stretches

  • Benefits of baby yoga

  • Fun lap songs

  • Baby yoga floor stretches

  • Baby Yoga swings & dips

  • Self care tips each week.

  • Mama stretches before beginning massage session.

  • You will get to know me and have my full support even after you have finished your course. 

Baby massage & yoga Course

You will have 1 year access to this course, plus receive a certificate on completion

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