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Online Courses

Welcome to my online courses, where you will learn the beautiful art of baby massage & baby yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Baby Massage & Yoga 5 Week Course Introduction Price £48 (RRP £55)

Baby massage & baby yoga can help further develop your bond together, help with relief from colic, wind and constipation and aid with your baby’s brain development, by using lots of lovely songs you can encourage communication and language skills. You can read more over on the baby massage benefits page.

By responding to your babies needs through baby massage, you are showing your baby they are loved, safe, secure and connected to you.

By learning through my online course, you can learn at your own pace and revisit any of the lessons any time, every element of my face to face classes are included in this online course.

The course is taught over a 5 week period, but you can practise as little or as much as you would like. You will learn the full routine watching online videos of myself teaching and showing you the full baby massage and baby yoga movements and stokes, including legs, tummy, chest, face, back and arms.

I am always here to support you on your motherhood journey no matter which country you are learning in.

Please always email or message me if you need any help and support, remember you are never alone.

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Course
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Teething Course
Included in this course:
Order in which teeth erupt and average ages
Teething symptom’s
Teething myths
Teething products
Things you can do to help your baby with teething discomfort
Early dental hygiene
Face massage and Foot massage routine
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