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Why self care matters

As a Mama does our self-care really matter?
Does it matter that you don’t get ‘me time’?
Does it matter that you might not talk to another adult all day?


It matters that you look at the time and realize you haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch.
It matters that you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair, something so simple and a basic human need, now seems a luxury.
We put everyone’s needs before our own and I think as a Mama this is quite normal and our instinct to make sure everyone is fed, washed, clothed, the list is endless.
But what about you?
If your basic needs aren’t met, you may feel lethargic, drained and irritable
I say these as I have felt like this and still do if I slip back into not having some ‘me time’
It is all well and good for me to bang on and say “don’t forget about you!”  & “do something for yourself” when I know our biggest challenge is having the time.
From the moment the day starts you are on the go, now if you are like me and love a good power nap, you may get a little window if the baby is sleeping or the kids are at nursery or school, then a power nap is definitely the one. I know when I speak to a lot of mamas though, they can’t nap, or the baby doesn’t nap for very long so fitting in a little snooze is a definite no, which I can totally understand.

Napping on the job, lol. The one time the hubby takes a picture of me.

If napping isn’t your thing, then getting out doors is natures natural mood lifter. Not long ago I was busy working on my laptop every day, that I found myself so tired, moody and just no get up and go. I then realised apart from dropping the kids at school I hadn’t left the house or really spoken to anyone, so I added 20 minutes of yoga in my day, this was mostly in the evenings when the kids were in bed and I started going for a walk straight after the school drop by myself, not checking my phone every second. I found if I did my walk straight away while I was out I wasn’t distracted with work or jobs around the house, I can say right now my mood has shifted, I feel more energized and having that time just for me feels amazing.
This works perfectly if baby needs a nap, grab the buggy or the sling and head outdoors.

If your other half has a day off, try and set aside some time for yourself. Everyone is different but for me it’s either first thing in the morning when hubby can take charge of breakfast time or in the evening. It might mean going for a walk or meeting up with a friend for a morning catch up, or going out in the evening.

We all manage our self-care differently, some mamas are on it and make sure they have the time, some need a gentle reminder and some need support to give them that time.
Self-care comes in so many ways:
  • Walks

  • Gentle exercise

  • Eating nourishing food (bonus if someone else has cooked)

  • Meeting up with friends

  • Jogging

  • Crafting

  • Reading

  • Switching off from social media

  • Long soak in the bath

  • A hair wash

  • Date night with the other half (self-care for your relationship)

  • A bike ride

  • Catching up with a family member.

I would love to know what self-care you do?
You have to do what works around your family, it doesn’t need to be every day (although that would be nice) if you have a busy house hold it maybe once a week or once a month. Just don’t forget about YOU.
You are so important to your family, if you are run down, tired, not eating and your eyebrows have merged together (note to self, book laser appointment to sort face out as my children kindly pointed out).
You cannot be the best version of you and without you I can guarantee your family wouldn’t manage. So if that means once a week you leave the kids with the other half or a family member, give yourself permission to do this.

As I write this we are going through a global pandemic, so you might not be able to get the support you need, baby classes are slowly starting back up again, so you can now meet other mamas and engage in an adult conversation.

As always this is my gentle reminder to not forget about yourself.
If you know a mama that could do with a little pick me up check out my new gift packages over at Serene Moments
A little hug in a box giving a Mama that little reminder to have some ‘me time’.

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