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I cannot believe it has been 1 year already since I launched Serene Baby Massage & Yoga.

What a great year it has been, from the moment I trained, I knew this was definitely the path for me, I have never felt more enthusiastic or passionate about anything I have done before.



Yes there is quite a bit of admin, I have never-ending lists on top of lists of things I need to do, and new ideas that pop into my head while I am asleep and so many events I want to hold for mummies and babies, but this is also what I LOVE! I love coming up with new classes or groups parents can attend and I really enjoy holding events for mummies, daddies and their little ones to come to, I have truly found my vocation in life.

I know what it is like having a new-born and not having a network of friends to talk to about sleep (or lack of sleep) weaning, reflux, colic and the delightful tantrums that have had me in tears. (am I making motherhood sound delightful?)

If I can hold a buggy walk or class and you can make a new mummy friend, a network of mummies, or just simply want some company and someone to talk to, then I am one happy lady! The added bonus that I get to teach something so powerful and empowering to parents is just the cherry on the top.

I am pretty sure one of the best things I hear is “After their tummy massage they did a massive poo!”  Oh yes! That is sure to get me very excited! The fact I have taught a mummy these skills and they have used those tools to help their little baby is sheer joy!

Birthday Celebrations!

So what am I doing to celebrate my 1st year of being in business?

From Monday 4th  March, I will be holding a week of giveaways! Prizes include…………….

  • A voucher from The Beauty Cabin in Wootton
  • A brand new copy of Love Letters for New Mothers – which I am proud to say I am a co-author of.
  • A gorgeous t-shirt from Isabelle & Us
  • A voucher from Capture the light photography
  • A lovely product from Tropic  called ‘So Sleepy’
  • Gorgeous handmade easter bunting and easter egg by Rhubarb & Crochet

So keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for these cheeky little giveaways!

The last word!

A massive thank you to everyone that has supported me, as a small local business I rely on you guys to spread the love of Serene baby through your recommendations. To everyone who has encouraged me and believed in me that I could do this, I think I am finally starting to believe in myself a lot more. To all those mummies that rebook on with me, I take it as a huge compliment when you guys re-enrol, I love seeing your little ones grow and develop and watch their little personalities shine through. Sometimes I forget that my business is my job, as I bloody love every second!

Right think that’s about it with my Oscar-winning speech!

Oh saying that!! I better thank my family and friends for being my biggest cheerleaders!


Would love to hear how I have helped you in some way this year.

I hope you have enjoyed Serene Baby’s first year and would love for you to watch my little business develop & grow as the year unfolds in front of us.

Look forward to lots more exciting things on my Serene Baby journey this year!

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