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The Curious Explorer Treasure Kits

The Treasure Trove

This kit has been described as a 'magical collection' . A loose part collection of  stones, wooden circles, wooden rings, wooden cylinders, wooden sticks and woodland animals. 

A true treasure trove to let your tiny humans imagination run wild. 


£44.00 (including delivery)


  • 3 Animals

  • 5 wooden hollow circles

  •  6 wooden cylinders

  •  10 wooden circles

  • 5 acorns

  •  4 berries

  •  15 stones

  • 6 long wooden sticks.

  • Beautiful double layered wooden box

Suitable for 3 years plus, please supervise your children as contains small parts, encased in a beautiful double layered wooden box with metal fastening. 

The Mini Treasure Trove

A medium version of the large treasure trove, a single layered lidded wooden box with 4 separate compartments to store all their treasures. containing loose parts to let create endless open ended stories. 


£28.00 (including delivery)

Included -

  • 4 hollow circles

  • 6 wooden tubes 

  • 5 wooden circles

  • 3 animals

  • 3 green foam rocks

  • 12 stones

  •  4 acorns

  • berries

  • a beautiful lidded wooden treasure box to keep everything safe. 

The Little Explorer

For the explorer on the go, this perfect compact wooden treasure trove is the perfect travel size and can keep all those treasures safely stored. 


£22.00 (including delivery)

Includes -

  • A gorgeous double layered lidded box, with pull out bottom draw and 3 separate compartments 

  •  6 hollow tubes

  • 2 wooden circles

  • 3 acorns

  • green moss

  • 9 stones

  •  2 animals. 

The Curious Explorer Kits

The perfect sensory kit for those little explorers who love to fill and pour. 


The Curious Investigator 


Water play 

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