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Tummy Time

Did you know? Tummy time is a position for play, which can be practiced from new born.

Tummy time should be fun for your baby and for you, it is a position for play and to have fun. Tummy time isn’t just laying your baby flat on the floor and leaving them to it, there is so many more ways you can introduce tummy time and lots of positions to try to find what suits your baby.

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When my children where babies I actually never knew the importance of tummy time, I just thought it was something they had to do, but now I know how important it is for your baby’s development and the fantastic benefits it has.

My daughter hated tummy time and I hear so often ‘my baby hates being on their tummy’, ‘they don’t like laying on the floor’ and ‘they don’t last very long on their tummy’ I can give you the tools to help your baby, to place them in safe positions that aren’t necessarily on the floor but will still be strengthening those core muscles, which is are important for your baby’s development.

Did you know? Tummy time can help with

Brain building by supporting the architecture of the brain and cognitive development for learning.

Development – Promoting the motor milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.

Fine motor skills – Developing the palmer arches of the hands for fine motor skills

Love – Promotes bonding and attachment through an opportunity to play and connect.

And there are so many more benefits for your baby.

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In my tummy time workshop, I will talk through all the benefits of tummy time and the importance of having a varied play diet for them, you will learn safe positions and activities which you can include in your day.

If you are learning on line with me, I will show you all the positions and you can practice these along with me, if your little one is asleep don’t worry at all I will still demonstrate all the positions and send you a video so you can practice at a more suitable time. You will also receive a hand out via email with information about benefits and positions.

If you are learning in person with me, I will demonstrate all the positions which are all suitable from birth. You will then get to practice all the different tummy time positions with all the props which will be provided for each activity.


All workshops can be held as a private group session or as a 1:1 session.

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