Starting Solids

Welcome to starting solids, if you have landed here you must be thinking about starting your baby’s weaning journey.

I am a qualified starting solids practitioner and I cannot wait to talk to you about all things to do with weaning, from purees, baby led, which foods to start with and so much more.

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Weaning can definitely be a worrying process, but I am here to put your mind at ease and reassure you. There is lots to think about, from knowing which foods to give first, how much, what happens to their milk feeds, what if they choke or gag and how to even know that they are ready to start on solid foods.


I am here to answer all those worrying questions and many, many more. By the time you have finished your workshop you will be filled with confidence and peace of mind.

I remember weaning my daughter (9 years ago) I did a mixture of homemade purees and finger foods, which worked for my family.

My job isn’t to tell you which way to wean your baby, I am here to give you all the information and knowledge so that you can make the choice for your baby and family.


What will be covered in the 2.5-hour workshop:

  • Signs of readiness

  • Foods to avoid

  • How to present food (mashed, purees finger foods)

  • Baby led weaning

  • Milk nutrition and drinks

  • Why introduce solids

  • How to introduce solids

  • Meal times

  • Choking/gagging

  • Equipment needed

If you would like to view the next session, please pop over to Workshops – any questions just pop me a message.