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About Us



We are Sareena (left) & Nim (right)

Proud owners of Serene Baby and sisters. after 4 years of running my business solo I expanded Serene Baby and  Nim joined me  in helping to support so many more parents in Wootton, Moggerhanger, Milton Keynes, Bedford in Bedfordshire. Together we are the perfect team to nurture and support YOU and your baby, on your parenthood journey.  


Sareena is the founder of  Serene Baby, in 2018  she qualified in baby massage & baby yoga, she has 8 years experience as a massage therapist and 9 years experience of working with children in schools and nurseries. She is trained in paediatric  first aid and DBS checked. she has been teaching baby massage & baby yoga for many years and she can honesty say, 'I  absolutely  love every second of teaching and meeting so many amazing parents. It can be hard heading out for the first time, going to a new group can fill you with anxiety, thinking that everyone looks like they have got everything under control, but I promise you we are all winging it. This is why I keep my classes small, to have a lovely relaxed atmosphere, where you get the chance to connect with other mummies creating supportive networks and follow your baby’s needs throughout class without feeling overwhelmed.'


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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you along your parenthood journey. When you become a parent those first few weeks can be so challenging and isolating especially as you get to grips with becoming a new parent. It is tough! we have been there so can completely understand how it feels. By creating  small classes we can help you feel nurtured and supported, giving you the chance to relax in class and connect with others. 

We have such passion in what we teach and we are here to support you on your journey as a new parent. Providing you with all the TLC you need to support your baby.

We offer continued support after you have finished a course with us, giving you that extra supportive network.

We hold events for you and your baby to come along to, such as:

Buggy Walks
Picnic In The Park
Breakfast Meet Ups
Mummy & Baby Retreats
Daddy & Baby Workshops

We look forward to being part of your parenthood journey.

Sareena & Nim

  Nim has been teaching for almost 1 year now and has a little girl who is 15 months old - she absolutely loves a massage!

She has a great passion for supporting parents with their mental health, and has also trained as a beyond birth mental health practitioner to support parents further. She has been on quite a journey with her own mental health after giving birth, and the challenges that come with lack of sleep and the transition into becoming a parent.

'I love that the power of positive touch can lead to more secure and healthier adults - helping to break the cycle of ill mental health for our future generations. This is, along with supporting new parents, is the reason I  became a baby massage teacher

I' strive to bring my all to every course, and prepare each session with love & joy.'

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